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Married/Single? Married to a Pathetic little dick white boy
Location: KY
Age: 59
Specialty: Loving Sexy Hot Black men
Lost Virginity: At age 13 to a little black boy with a huge dick
Favorite place to have sex: under a bar room table
Favorite position: Doggie Style so my big fat tits hang
Personal quote: Pull a train? Piece of cake
Does size matter?: I love em big and BLACK
Favorite sex toy: Hubby's tongue eating out a black man's cumm

Schedule:  12 to 12 CST

Hey Ya'll I am Nigger Lover Lynnette but you can call me Lynn if you want to. I am what you call pure D white trash and damn proud of it. I grew up in a fucking part of town that had the trashy trailer parks,  The kind the cops spend half their time there and the other half pretending we don't exist.  All our neighbors were either skanky white trash like us or black so it's no wonder that I just love Nigger Dick.  It started when I was 13 and the little black boy next door asked me if I wanted to see his pecker. I said sure why not. Well I tell ya, that was the most beautiful fucking dick I had ever laid my eyes on.  He forced my head down and I started sucking it and licking it and it grew even bigger. I asked him do all you little black boys have such a big cock? He said, yeah most of us, Why do you think all the white women love fucking us Nigger boys. I asked him, doesn't it offend whenever your called a Nigger? He said as long as we have a white woman's lips and cunt lips around our fucking black dicks you can fucking call us Nigger all you want to. Cause the way I see it, you white women once you see our big black dicks, you all turn into Nigger Loving Whores, and boy was he right.

I married 3 times and the first two divorced me cause I wouldn't give up fucking Niggers. The 3rd hubby is a charm cause he not only loves me fucking Niggers he cleans me up after they fuck me. He will get on his knees and lick every fucking drop of nigger cumm right out my fat pussy lips. Sometimes if the guy doesn't mind, hubby will sit right next to the bed and watch us fucking!! Can you imagine that! I love it, hubby sitting there wanking his little pecker while this big black man thrusts his big black pole all the way to the hilt inside my big fat hairy pussy! Sometimes they call him names and laugh at him, but he loves it just the same. He knows he can't please me, so why not let all the black men do it for him.

Sometimes they get a big gang together and have me pull a train. I fucking love it, nonstop black cocks lined up out the door. They pass the word on the street that trailer trash Lynnette is pulling a train again and they all come on down for good blowjob or a fuck.  When my pussy gets too sloppy hubby licks it all up, then they start fucking me again. Do you love the thought of a white woman with a nigger? Fantasize about your wife banging a black man? Give me a call sugar, I can help give you pointers, to help point you in the right direction to plant the seed in her mind that she will simply love fucking a good big black man.  I can even tell you how I have 3 kids and all belong to black men, and I have no clue which ones!! I fuck so many!


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